Success Stories

Name - Phoolan Kushwaha(ANM),
Sub-Center : Saesrapur, Block-Gugrapur,
District - Kannauj

"The Successful Warrior is the Average Man, With Laser like focus"

The story of Phoolan kushwaha satisfies this saying. Now-a-days Phoolan a 45 year old woman working in sub center saesrapur as an ANM, 4 Asha's are working under her supervision. They worked for 4 villages and 7 hamlets whose total population is about 9037 Those 4 Ashas working under Phoolan got multimedia mobile phones .So they are working with the help of Phoolan .Phoolan belonged from a poor family where education of girls was not Promoted. But Phoolan was very bright and focused from her childhood and she always wanted to do something innovative in her life.

Name - Kamlesh Kumari(ASHA), Sub-Center - Sausarpur, Block - Gugrapur,
District - Kannauj

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day- in and day-out"

The story is about 49 years old Kamlesh kumari, an Asha of village chausrapur. She is not so educated but there was no shortage of courage and devotion in her. As was the culture of her village kamlesh, got married at an early age of 15. At this time she was 9th pass .Due to family pressure she was unable to study further but still she was very hard working and completed each and every work with full dedication.Her husband Mr. lalaram is a farmer. they started living their life. I cant mention here peacefully. How so ever they did.

Name - Sudhawati(ASHA), Village - Rampura,
Subcenter - Block - Gugrapur,
District - Kannauj

"To be successful,you must accept all challenges that come your cant just accept the ,ones you like"

This Story is about a 41 years old woman named Sudhawati. She lives in village Rmpura and is the sangini in subcenter khojipur 15 Ashas worked efficiently under the guidance of sudhawati at subcenter khojipur. Whichever Asha faced problems regarding any work or regarding entry in register sudhawati used to clear it very wisely .This was possible for her as she was more educated as compared to others she had her bachelor degree with her. Sudhawati ,from her early age was much concerned on issues like education of girls.She got married at an early age of 17 that time she was just high school passed.

Name - Rakshita Sonkar,(ANM)
Subcenter - MainCenter,
Block - Chhanbe, District - Mirzapur

"Success Story"
The story about Rakshita sonkar a 29 years old women working in sub center –main center -1 as an ANM, 5 ASHAs are working under her supervision. They worked for 5 villages whose total population is about 7,978. Those 5 ASHAs working under Rakshita sonkar, her Ashas got smart phones, so they are working with the help and guidance of Rakshita sonkar. Rakshita always dedicated to her work continued her work with full dedication and honesty. Time went on 5 years of her work passed during all this. In October 2015 SIFPSA launched a project "mSehat", in which ANMs were provided with tablets and their ASHAs were given smart phones.

Name - Smt Sanju Devi(ASHA),
Subcenter - Madhihaan,
Block - Patehra, District - Mirzapur

"A Brick in mSehat Wall"
Village Jhanna madihaan in patehra Block is situated about 35 Km. away from Mirzapur city. Sanju Devi, Age 36 years as trained ASHA and resident of madihan (Village) district Mirzapur. Under madihan sub centre of PHC Ptahera, District Mirzapur (UP). She is 12th Pass and her husband is Driver, having 2 children, one is studying in class 12th and another is in 10th. Her ANM is Smt. Saroj Rai.She is one who have immensely contributed to our cause, the of NRHM and the health Department at large inspired by health workers and being totally

Name - Smt Saraswati Tewari(ASHA),
Subcenter - Padari MCH,
Block - Pahari, District - Mirzapur

"Success Story"
This story about 37 years active ASHA named Sarswati Tiwari. She lives in Village Chand Deva kala, Post Padari. PHC padari is one of the interventions PHC under mSehat Scheme. She is not so educated but there were no shortage of courage and devotion in her. ASHA Saraswati passed Intermediate when she was age of 17. Due to family pressure she was unable to study further but still she is very hard working and completes each and every work with full dedication and passion. Her husband Mr. Umesh Kumar Tiwari is poor illiterate man living in village, he is an agricultural labor she has 2 girls and 1 boy aged 17 Years, 14 years and 11 Years.

Name - Mrs Krishna Kumari(ASHA),
Subcenter - Bishundaspur,
Block - Sangini, District - Sitapur

"Ummido ki Asha ....Sabki Asha"
CHC Sidhauli is one of the interventions Community Health Centre under "M-sehat" program out of 19 CHCs of district Sitapur. ASHA Mrs. Krishna Kumari, residence of Seerganj village (sidhauli) passed Intermediate is also a Sangini and very punctual to linkage of the target group with service provider.Her ANM is Mrs. Prema Mishra, Sub center isBishundaspur. Just wants to tell you there are no such basic facilities are available on that time.Her husband Mr. Ram kumar, 10th passed works as a farmer. From childhood days krishna kumari is having friendly nature and always ready to support whenever needed but life got changed after marriage.

Name - Mrs Nazarjahan (ASHA),
Subcenter - Suraicha,
Block - Kasmanda, District - Sitapur

"Nazarjahan ki Nazar Mai M-sehat"
Nazarjahan has a dream. She wanted to be Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) and serve to the poor. NazarJahan is 57 years old, Unmarriedand from Muslim community. After the Intermediate, in July 1986, she became an ANM. At present she is working in sub CenterSuraicha of Kasmanda CHC, District-Sitapur. From the beginning, she has supportive nature and she always cooperate to her ASHAs on each and every point. She is one point solution for all team members and beneficiaries. She has four ASHAs these are Asha Devi, Reenu Devi, Urmila Devi and Vijay luxmi.

Name - Shashi Mishra (ASHA),
Subcenter - Neorajpur,
Block - Sangini, District - Sitapur

"Haar ke Baad Jeet Pakki hai"
Jagdishpur is situated 15 Km. away from the Additional PHC Kamlapur (Kashmanda CHC), Sitapur district.Shashi Mishra w/o Sri BipinBihari Mishra, anASHA and also an ASHA Sangini. She is Graduate in Arts and her husband is High school, having 2 children, one is studying in Intermediate and another is in Graduate. Her sub Centre is Neorajpur and ANM is AshaShukla.When she got the smart phone in CHC and felt how she can work through smart phone. But in beginning, her brother Mr. Ayush helped him that how to operate the phone and how to fill the data (family and their members),