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mSehat scheme is a unique Mobile based Healthcare initiative to empower Front Line Workers (ASHAs and ANMs) and to leverage ICT to help improve the performance of FLWs through automated and multimedia enabled job-aids and on-demand training while also enhancing their motivational levels by automated report generation, timely incentive payments and data management.

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mSehat – Mobile health initiative for the Front-line Workers

The goal of mSehat is to accelerate the reduction of maternal, neonatal, child mortality and total fertility rate in Uttar Pradesh by empowering frontline health workers (ASHA and ANMs) with an integrated mSehat service delivery platform leading to improved performance through effective planning, management and execution of their day-to-day work.

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Latest Events on mSehat

6th -12th Oct 2015
Go-Live (Training of Trainers)
One day Training of Trainers(TOT) organized at district and State level.  
8th Oct-30th Oct.2015
Go-Live (Training of ASHAs)
 One day training of 9982ASHAs organized in five mSehat districts (Bareilly, Kannauj, Faizabad, Mirzapur and Sitapur).
17th to 20th Nov.2015
Go-Live (Training of ANMs)
One day block level training of 1545 ANMs organized in mSehat districts.  
Jan 2016 onwards
Incentives for best performing FLWs
(Three ANMs and ASHAs per block at the rate of Rs.500/-) 
22th Jan-30th Jan 2016
Phase 1 (Training of Trainers)
Two days TOT organized at state level followed by District level.  
8th Feb to 4th March
Phase 1 (Training of ANMs and ASHAs)
Four days training of ASHAs and ANMs organized in 65 mSehat blocks. 
11th May to 14th May 2016
Phase 2 (Training of Trainers)
Two days Training of Trainers organized at state level followed by District level training. 
16th May-27th May 2016
Phase 2 (Training of ANMs and ASHAs)
Two days training of ASHA and ANMs organized in 65 mSehat blocks.